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BEDOC is a service providing Complex Care Team support to care homes, in Bedford Borough and Ivel Valley.


The Complex Care Team are commisioned by Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, Ivel Valley GP's , Central Bedfordshire Council and Bedford Borough Council to support care homes and learning disability homes. The team also support residents in care homes after discharge from hospital. Referrals are only accepted from GPs and care providers.

We produce various information leaflets which are available for you to download from our Resources Page.  Please ensure you read our disclaimer before accessing any of our information.


The team comprises of experienced nurses and senior pharmacists, with up-to-date evidence-based knowledge and skills, supported by a highly-skilled administration team.

The aim of the service is to empower care staff to improve the quality of care provided to residents and to avoid inappropriate emergency admissions to hospital.


The Team will accept referrals from the carers and GPs only.  Daily contact is made with each morning with the care homes and  clinical support and advice is offered with face to face assessments by the nurse or pharmacist is given as appropriate.  

The service operates monday to Friday between 8.30 - 5.00. 


Please don't forget to complete a systmone Consent Sharing Form for each new admission to your Care Home or Extra Care Housing.  This will ensure prompt treatment by the team when you ring........

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Recent Publications:

Good Practice Guidance for CARE STAFF - UTIs.pdf
Stop the Pressure Poster.pdf
Incontinence dermatitis treatment protocol 191017.pdf
Newsletter - Autumn 17.pdf
Awareness of Swallowing Problems
Awaiting new dates.......

Did you know............. Depending on the  urgency  of the request for a community phlebotomist to visit a client to take blood in the care home the waiting times are as follows:

-Red: up to 3 working days

- Amber: up to 2 weeks

-Green: up to 18 weeks

The phlebotomists work from 8 to
4 Monday-Friday.

The  "how to dip Urine  Instruction sheet has been updated with information on where to buy  urine collection packs and  dip stixs to ensure that  urinary tract infections can be quickly identified and treated.... have a look on our resources page.